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Burghgraef van Tiel has been a trusted and strategic partner for insurers, insurance brokers, intermediaries and powers of attorney for many years. We carry out risk inspections on a daily basis and provide prevention advice.

Why a Risk Inspection?

Most damages start small, but become large because sufficient safety measures have not been taken. In hindsight, most of the damage could have been prevented. That is why we try to get a picture of the risks in advance so that we can discuss them.

What is a Risk Inspection?

How does such a risk inspection work? We always start with a short interview in which we tell the entrepreneur what we are going to do and for what purpose. Reduce the number of major damage, reduce the frequency of damage and reduce the damage size. After the interview we do a tour of the company and during, or after, that tour the findings are discussed with the entrepreneur. These findings are then processed in a clear report which is also provided with a prevention appendix with tips and points for attention.

Risk management platform

Burghgraef van Tiel uses, among other things, Oodit’s risk management platform to assess risks. Thanks to this platform, structured data can be collected in a simple way.

A strong point in our service is that we always analyze damage afterwards. There is much to learn from the damage that has been done. We then record this analysis in our data tool and our training program.

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