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Burghgraef van Tiel has extensive experience within the graphic media sector. We are regularly asked by customers as a sparring partner for support in answering various risk issues.


This industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Newspapers are now published in tabloid format, advertising work is much more colorful, and magazines are also increasingly being digitized and offered via the internet. The print runs are declining and the variety in printed matter is increasing.

Processes are becoming more and more automated and therefore run faster and faster. Many products are made once and are therefore unique. Machinery parks are becoming more and more advanced, and techniques are changing. The process is increasingly controlled by computers. The old printing presses (which produce a lot of noise) will increasingly disappear into the background.

Assess risks

When assessing the insurable risks in the print media sector, a wide variety of matters are considered.

The main parts are:

  • Process heating
  • Flammable fabrics
  • Use
  • Cleaning and storage
  • Extraction systems
  • Use of anti-smudge powder
  • Electrical systems
  • The above parts apply to the entire industry. In addition, there are a number of risk factors that are specific to the type of activity.

Our services

You can also contact us for a thorough risk analysis. This is an important first step in your risk management process. After all, if you know what the risks are, you can anticipate and intervene before it is too late.

You can also make use of our construction supervision if you are not involved in a new construction or renovation process on a daily basis. We will guide you throughout the entire building process.

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