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Making choices

Constructing or renovating commercial property automatically means making choices. Before the construction activities start Burghgraef van Tiel can, as an independent consultant, identify the risks in relation to fire, burglary and security level for you.

Even if you are not involved in the construction or renovation process on a daily basis and you need clarity and transparency, we are happy to advise you.


Risks and consequences

Our construction supervision consists of three phases: new construction supervision, risk inventory and determining the loss of profits interest. During these phases, all possible risks are analysed so that (large-scale) problems can be prevented in advance. This allows you to have your commercial property insured afterwards without any problems.

You can also use our services during and after the construction of your property. We point out the risks and consequences of any changes. So that you can make the right choices at any time.


An independent and objective judgment

Burghgraef van Tiel conducts inspections for all imaginable businesses and institutions. As an independent and objective company, we perform inspections in the Netherlands and abroad.

Experienced risk engineers

Our risk engineers – many of whom are Risk Professional (RRP) – are registered in the Risk Professional (RRP) register of the NVVK and have all the necessary knowledge and experience. They follow a permanent education program in the form of external and in-house training.


Broad expertise

Over the years we have built up a broad expertise in guiding construction projects. A few examples what you can think of are industrial complexes, shopping centers, hospitality, offices, homes and care-related new constructions.

Customisation and beyond

Based on your specific wishes, we will start working for you. We act as your advisory, independent risk engineers. We always deliver tailor-made solutions and we think beyond the most obvious solutions.


Burghgraef van Tiel offers education and training. The risk engineer training consists of various modules that have been written out and can be used as a reference work. After passing the exam, the course is evaluated by the NVVK with 50 PE-points and by NIVRE with 6 PE-points.

All segments

Burghgraef van Tiel operates in all segments. Our risk engineers are professionals who know what they are talking about.

Our methods


After the objective for an assignment has been determined, the financial component and the execution time are discussed. The process is started after approval from our client.

Phases construction supervision


In this first phase the starting points of the object (still to be built or renovated) are discussed with you, your architect and the contractor. The points for attention below will be, among others, discussed:

  • Chosen building materials
  • Level of security installations (fire area)
  • Level of security installations (burglary and access control)
  • Level of other protections (overvoltage)
  • Level of fire-limiting measures (e.g. fire-resistant partitions)
  • Security level of process installations
  • Solar panels
  • Delivery of technical installations
  • Possible increase in risk due to climate change

This phase consists of a meeting with all the parties involved. Once all the necessary information has been provided, a report is drawn up, in which the most important points for attention are discussed.

Risk analysis

In the second phase, which takes place when construction is in the final phase, a risk analysis is drawn up. For this part we use our full-scan report, including the grading model. This report describes all relevant risks and levels of protection and can be used for taking out your fire insurance.

Business interruption interest in new construction

In the third phase, we calculate the business interruption risk still to be insured, which is required to ensure continuity. Together with you and your insurance broker, we analyse your company’s dependence on internal and external factors and how this can be integrated into the business interruption coverage.

Customer satisfaction study

Burghgraef van Tiel gives high priority to the quality of its products. This means that we are always seeking new ways to improve our services. After sending your valuation report, we will invite you to participate in our customer satisfaction study.

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