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Making choices

Building or renovating business premises always means making choices. Before the construction work starts, Troostwijk | BvT can identify the risks in terms of fire, burglary and security level for you. We can also provide project supervision if you are not involved in the construction or renovation process on a daily basis and need transparency about the progress.


  • Our construction supervision consists of three phases: new construction supervision, risk survey and determination of business loss interest.
  • During these phases, all possible risks are analyzed so that (large-scale) problems can be prevented in advance and you can have your property insured afterwards without problems. Support during the project phase is also available separately.
  • You can also use our services after the construction of your property. We identify the risks and consequences of any renovations.


  • As an independent and objective agency, we carry out risk surveys all over the world.
  • Our risk engineers – many of whom are Risk Professionals (RRP) – are registered and have all the necessary knowledge.
  • Troostwijk | BvT guarantees reliable and up-to-date reports that meet insurers underwriting criteria.
  • Based on your specific requirements and information, we start the assignment and always deliver tailor-made solutions.
  • The report can be expanded to include additional risks, for example, in the case of an all-risk policy.
  • Troostwijk| BvT has specialists in every industry. Our experienced risk engineers follow developments in your industry.

Our method


In this first phase, the basic principles of the property to be built or renovated will be reviewed with you, your architect and the contractor. The following items of interest will be addressed, among others:

  • Chosen building materials
  • Level of security installations (fire area)
  • Level of security installations ( burglary and access control)
  • Level of other protections (overvoltage)
  • Level of fire limiting measures (e.g. fire-resistant partitions)
  • Security level of process installations
  • Solar panels
  • Completion of technical installations
  • Possible risk increase due to climate change

This phase consists of an interview with the stakeholders. Once all the necessary information has been provided, a report is prepared, covering the main points of interest.

Risk analysis

  • In the second phase, which takes place in the final phase of construction, a risk analysis will be prepared.
  • We use our full-scan report for this part, including the grading model.
  • The report identifies all relevant risks and levels of protection.
  • The report can be used for your fire insurance.

Business loss interest in new construction

  • In the third phase, we calculate the business loss interest still to be insured, which is required to guarantee continuity.
  • With the insurance broker, we analyze your company’s dependence on internal and external factors and how this can be integrated into the business interruption coverage.
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