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  • The importance of good assessment and clear reporting
  • Prevention with tips and highlights
  • Preventing damage through adequate safety measures
  • Reduce the number and frequency of major damages
  • Learning from damage

Industry and energy

  • An important position for mechanisation and automation
  • The sector is developing very rapidly
  • Innovation and sustainability are hot subjects
  • Solar power and battery storage systems (EOS)

Agricultural sector

  • Highly diverse risk factors
  • Flammability of building structures
  • High societal impact
  • Intensive use of electrical installation
  • Working with heat sources

Recycling companies

  • Monitoring insurable risks
  • Flammable materials in waste
  • Industry take many precautions
  • A transparent methodology


  • An acceptable level of fire safety
  • Security of educational buildings
  • Damage reduction for buildings
  • In accordance with regulations
  • Reducing fire risks

Graphic Industry

  • Processes are being more automated
  • Flammable liquids
  • Machines are becoming more technologically advanced
  • Delivery times of machines get longer

Horeca and leisure

  • A safe environment for your guests
  • Do not underestimate the risks in the sector
  • Attractive goods
  • Vandalism risk
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