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Welcome in the world of Troostwijk | BvT

We want to enable everyone to do business with a sense of security. That is our goal. To achieve that goal, we offer risk surveys, valuations, loss assessments, education and research. Troostwijk | BvT is your specialist in risk surveys and prevention advisory services.

Better safe than sorry

A damage often has not only financial consequences, a damage can also cause production lines to stop or services to be compromised, to name a few examples. Today, we also face a shortage of manpower to repair damages and materials to repair the damage are not easily available. So damage prevention has become even more important.

Experts in risk surveys

Troostwijk | BvT has broad technical experience and extensive knowledge of claims in all industries. From the non-profit sector and semi-government to SMEs, hospitals and agricultural and listed companies. As a result, you are guaranteed high-quality services. Regular clients include more than 40 insurers. Troostwijk BvT’s reports are also accepted by the world’s largest reinsurers.

One-stop shop

Since the takeover five years ago, Troostwijk | BvT has created a reliable network of professional partners. This gives you a one-stop shop for all your questions and services regarding risk advisory and prevention. Not only for insurers, insurance brokers and insurance advisors, but also for all kinds of companies and organisations.

Experts in training

Troostwijk believes it is important to share the knowledge gained by our professionals in practice. Since 2024, we provide our education and training through the Troostwijk Academy. The experienced professionals at Troostwijk BvT provide training for risk engineers. With this, we offer the perfect solution to the high demand for risk experts, a profession that mostly needs to be learned in practice. We offer on-the-job training, seminars and workshops for risk engineers. We also provide training for underwriters and intermediaries.

Risk surveys since 2004

Troostwijk BVT (formerly Burghgraef van Tiel) has been part of the Troostwijk Group since 2019. The company was founded in 2004 by Johan van Tiel and Jurjen Burghgraef. Johan was the founder and, until 2004, damage expert, specialising in finding out the causes of damage. This information was the basis for the prevention advisory that could be made for similar companies.

Troostwijk | BvT

  • Is a trade mark of Burghgraef van Tiel & Partners B.V.
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  • Chamber of Commerce – Trade Register Veluwe and Twente no. 30298628
  • VAT identification number NL8139.81.700.B01
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Our Solutions

  • Risk Surveys
  • Prevention
  • Sustainability advice
  • Construction supervision
  • Business continuity advice
  • Education

Our principles

  • Professional
  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • Personal
  • Customized

Our mission

We make risks manageable.

Our vision

We want to enable everyone to do business with a sense of security.

Our ambition

To be seen worldwide as a leading player in the field of risk surveys, prevention, sustainability advice and education.

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