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Reduce the risk of damage

Our daily business is to carry out risk inventories and to advise companies to reduce the risk of damage. Should it go wrong, we aim to limit the extent of the damage. This is how we work on the continuity of your business.

Our risk inventories, which are made in the context of property insurance as well as liability insurance, are aimed at analysing and quantifying the probability of threats and any consequences. This way, a conscious and informed approach can be achieved to eliminate the threat as best as possible. This approach is tailor-made and depends on many factors.

We have extensive knowledge in the field of risk inspections in almost all industrial branches (many manufacturing industries) of the business community, the non-profit sector, (semi) government, small and medium-sized businesses, and the agricultural sector.

We carry out these independent risk inventories for the business community as well as for insurers, insurance brokers and authorized representatives.


Why carry out inspections?

A risk analysis is an important first step in a risk management process. After all, if you know what the risks are, you can anticipate and intervene before it is too late. A risk analysis can prevent large-scale problems and guarantee business continuity.

With a risk inspection, our risk engineers view, inspect and assess all parts and processes of a company that could cause damage. Our findings are processed in a report, in which the problems are described in detail. In our report you will also find our advice and recommendations on how to solve the problems the best possible way.



Burghgraef van Tiel conducts inspections for all imaginable businesses and institutions. As an independent and objective company, we perform inspections in the Netherlands and abroad.

Experienced risk engineers

Our risk engineers – many of whom are Risk Professional (RRP) – are registered in the Risk Professional (RRP) register of the NVVK and have all the necessary knowledge and experience. They follow a permanent education program in the form of external and internal training.



Burghgraef van Tiel guarantees reliable and up-to-date reports that meet the acceptance criteria of insurers.


The report provides a complete picture of the risk object. We can offer you different formats. A very extensive report or a concise report. The type of reporting chosen depends on the type of company. If you would like to know more about this, please contact us.

Fire insurance

All events covered on the comprehensive fire insurance are described in the report by default. If desired, this can be expanded with additional risks, for example in the case of an all-risk policy.


Burghgraef van Tiel offers education and training. The risk engineer training consists of various written modules that can be used as a reference work. After passing the exam, the course is rated by the NVVK with 50 PE points, by NIVRE with 6 PE points.

Industry knowledge

We are active in all branches of insurance companies, intermediaries, and authorized representatives, which range from agricultural companies, municipalities to small and medium-sized businesses. Our risk engineers are knowledgeable, well educated professionals.

Our approach


Once the objective and reporting format for the assignment have been established, the financial component and the delivery period are discussed. We start the process after the clients approval.


Our risk engineers schedule a visit at your location. It is important to mention that all our people are VCA-Full certified. Safety is our top priority.

Our visits always consist of an interview followed by a tour of the company where we assess all processes and process safety. After the tour, a wrap-up will follow in which any points for improvement / recommendations will be discussed.


A risk analysis can be performed in several reporting models. You can choose from a full scan, based on an extensive analysis, or a quick scan.

Customer satisfaction study

Burghgraef van Tiel sets high standards for the quality of its products. This means that we are always looking for new ways to improve our services. After sending your valuation report, we will invite you to participate in our customer satisfaction survey.

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