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Waste- and recycling companies

Companies in the waste sector take many precautions, such as conducting evacuation drills, investing in sprinkler systems and heat detection equipment.


Retailers supply physical goods to consumers for personal use. For many years, Burghgraef van Tiel has been a trusted and strategic partner for the retail sector in the Netherlands.


Burghgraef van Tiel has broad expertise in determining risk factors for educational buildings. Our experts know what they are talking about and know the procedures and principles.

Graphic media

Burghgraef van Tiel has extensive experience within the graphic media sector. We are regularly asked by customers as a sparring partner for support in answering various risk issues.

Horeca and leisure

Burghgraef van Tiel has a lot of experience in mapping the risk factors in the hospitality and leisure sector and we are familiar with the procedures and principles of central and local government.

Agricultural sector

Since day one Burghgraef van Tiel has been active in the prevention of fires in the agriculture sector. Preventing a fire is essential, especially in this sector.

Insurance industry

Burghgraef van Tiel has been a trusted and strategic partner for insurers, insurance brokers, intermediaries and powers of attorney for many years.

Industry and energy

The industrial and energy sector is familiar territory for Burghgraef van Tiel. From a process installation to a power plant or a chemical factory, our risk experts have been there.

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